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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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US passes legislation to prevent Grenadian citizens from having instant access to E-2 visa

The United States of America passed legislation that prevents people who buy Grenadian citizenship from having instant access to USA E-2 Visa. 

US Embassy applauds Indian students, outlines advantage of 2023 Alumni Fair

Christopher Elms- a spokesperson US embassy in New Delhi appreciated the Indian students studying on the campuses of the United States on Thursday.

US Navy’s USS Nitze seizes $20 million worth of drugs in Gulf of Aden, Pakistan blamed  

US Navy's guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze seized drugs of $20 million worth from a fishing vessel while patrolling in the Gulf of Aden (Red Sea) on November 22, 2022. 

Story of 9-month-old baby who succumbed to science- “The Little Albert Experiment”

During the 1890s, a physiologist was studying dogs' digestion. He was observing that when we give food to dogs, when is the saliva formed in their mouth? He followed that before the dogs saw the meal, saliva was already formed in their mouths, just by listening to their owner's footsteps

Prime Minister Keith Rowley to visit Barbados to meet high-level US representatives 

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will be departed from Trinidad and Tobago to visit Barbados on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. The purpose of his visit to the country is to participate in a series of meeting and diplomatic talks with high-level representatives of the United States. 

US Army General concludes her high-level visit to Jamaica

United States of America's army general Laura Richardson, who has recently made a remarkable victory in the history by being the first woman to lead the US Southern Command, has now ended her high-level visit to Jamaica during her first visit to the Caribbean region.

US Coast Guard pulls 176 Haitians from a vessel near Florida

The US Coast Guard has pulled around 176 Haitians from an overloaded, unseaworthy boat as it arrived at the coast of Florida, officials said, amid the ongoing crises in Haiti.

US Coast Guard returns 119 Cuban migrants to their home-nation

The United States Coast Guard has claimed that it has returned 119 Cuban migrants to their home-nation in dozens of operations carried out over three days, as an increasing number of Cubans were attempting to enter into the U.S. by waters.

Remaining 12 Captive missionaries in Haiti made successful escape

The Christian missioners who were held captive by the Haiti gang were relieved to freedom by challenging a daring act of escaping overnight, by evading gangs and walking for miles under hassling terrains with an infant and other children along with them.

US Coast Guard has intercepted 30 Cuban migrants since Thursday

As of October, the US Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection have stopped more than 400 Cubans from an attempt to immigrate into South Florida.

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