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Case of murder by shooting in Mt Hope under investigation

Police investigating the case of murder of a male victim in the locality of Mt Hope in a fatal attack of shooting on 18 June.

Investigation active after discovery of Freeport man’s dead body

Investigation is ongoing to identify the reason for the death of a 19-year-old Freeport man who dead body found on 17 June.

Pensioner’s farm looted by three in Caroni during robbery

A 65-year-old male pensioner lost some valuable items in a robbery attempted by three individuals in Caroni on 17 June.

VMCOTT employee bailed for $80,000 in document fraud case

An accused woman bailed by high court in the case of document fraud in VMCOTT for employment on Monday, 17 June.

Penal robbery: Family looted by three following home invasion

The investigation is active in case of robbery in Penal against a family at their home in Digity Branch Trace on Monday, 10 June.

One-eyed man booked for robbery and assault in Laventille

A man held in Laventille and slapped with charges in the case of physical assault and robbery on Tuesday, 11 June.

Port of Spain: $11,000 fraud through Facebook marketplace

Man lost $11,000 in a fraud deal of gold chain through Facebook marketplace which came out as fake, in Port of Spain on 10 June.

Tunapuna man booked for robbery following an accident

A 35-year-old male suspect in a robbery act was held following an accident report involving the female victim in Tunapuna.

Freeport man bailed in case of money laundering and larceny

The master of the Port of Spain High Court granted bail to a 33-year-old accused man in the case of money laundering and larceny in Freeport.

Camuto man suffers chopping attack for alleged sexual assault

51-year-old man suffers several injuries from a chopping attack during a confrontation in Camuto at the home of the suspect on 05 June.

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