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Cocorite man suffer injuries in shooting by two masked assailants

A male victim was ambushed and wounded by two masked assailants in a target shooting attack in Cocorite on Thursday.

Central Division police seized illegal firearms, five booked

Police seized firearms and other illegal possessions in the Central Division targeted in the localities of Cunupia and Claxton Bay.

Port of Spain police held four men during DUI exercise

Police disclosed the arrest of four offenders, including a teenager, during the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) exercise in Port of Spain.

Trinidad and Tobago with Grenada Police jointly tracing criminals

Police department of Trinidad and Tobago with Grenada Police Force are working together to apprehend two criminals.

Four booked for fraud to gain US visa as fake police officers

Three women and an old man held for fraud of providing fake identities as police officers to gain the US visa.

Accused gang member artist Plumpy Boss bailed for $350k

Artist Plumpy Boss granted bail by court for $350k surety in the case of gang-related offences and being a gang member.

Third murder of Port of Spain this week reported in Belmont

Port of Spain observes third murder case this week in locality of Belmont where a 21-year-old man shot and killed at a wake.

Port of Spain: Fatal shooting resulted in murder of a man

Port of Spain recorded another murder case in which a man got killed by shooting at George Street by the unknown assailant.

Two held with marijuana in Port of Spain police exercise

Police seized marijuana during multiple stop and search exercises in Port of Spain and Western Division, held two persons.

National team footballer held with five in Port of Spain for DUI

A national team footballer arrested during an DUI exercise with five other individuals in Port of Spain on Wednesday.

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