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Trinidad soldier charged for a death in hit and run case

Trinidad Police charged a member of the national defence force in a case of hit and run accident that caused the death of a man.

Venezuelan woman found locked at property of ex-soldier in Arima

Police is in search of an ex-soldier in Arima in a case where he locked a Venezuelan woman with her child at his owned property on 21 May.

Female soldier shot by suspect during robbery in Chaguaramas

21-year-old female soldier got shot by the bandits during a robbery attempt with another lady in Chaguaramas on Tuesday, 07 May.

Accused soldier released from Preysal hit and run accident

Soldier released from case of hit and run accident that took the life of 55-year-old delivery truck driver in Preysal on 28 March.

Trinidad soldier who killed his wife was already under charges

Trinidad soldier was already under the charges who killed his wife and her mother in Westmoorings, in Trinidad, on 2 January.

Soldier kills mother and daughter in Westmoorings

In a double murder, a mother and daughter were killed by a soldier at Riverside Drive of Glencoe in Westmoorings on Tuesday, 2 January.

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