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Date of verdict finalised by court in Linstead rape case

An accused taxi operator ordered to appear in Saint Catherine Parish Court for committal hearing on rape of minor in Linstead.

Investigation on immigration officer for rape of minor in Punta Cana

Authorities in the Dominican Republic launched investigation against an immigration officer on Thursday for rape in Punta Cana.

Linstead man charged for sexual assault on mentally ill woman

26-year-old man charged for sexual assault on mentally ill woman and attack on her with a machete in Linstead on 03 April.

Saint Catherine court to hear most cases of sexual assaults

Data disclosed that case of sexual assault was reported mostly among the total cases of around four hundred in Saint Catherine Circuit.

Saint Catherine bus driver bailed in minor’s sexual assault case

35-year-old bus driver granted bail in case of sexual assault against a 16-year-old minor girl in Saint Catherine on 2 April.

Trinidad: Police officer held for sexually assaulting two minors

57-year-old police officer was booked under the allegations of assaulting two minors sexually in Trinidad on 19 March.

15-year-old boy charged for rape attempt on 6-year-old in Saint Ann

15-year-old teenager got arrested in case of alleged rape of a 6-year-old minor girl in last month in Saint Ann, on 27 January.

23-year-old man remanded for sexual offence with minor in Arima

23-year-old man appeared in Arima Magistrate’s court on Wednesday, 7 February, for sexual offence against a minor.

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