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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Premier Brantley

Govt installs American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton’s statue in Nevis

The statue has been installed on the grounds of his childhood home, which now houses the Nevis Government Assembly chambers and the Museum of Nevis History. 

Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley interacts with citizens at Ramsbury, New Castle and Shaws Road

Firstly, Premier Mark Brantley visited Ramsbury along with the team of the Concerned Citizens Movement. He expressed pleasure in talking to the people and hearing their uses. He stated that they feel a deep connection with the people of Nevis.

Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley condemns NRP Leader- Dr Janice Daniel-Hodge

Through his social media, Premier Brantley condemned the Leader of NRP for choosing to have former Governor of the USVI John P de Jongh endorse her.

Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley along with CCM team visit his home town of Brown Hill

Premier Brantley also visited Cross de Part, Budgeon Range, Golden Grove and Bridge Ghaut. He stated that there is no greater pleasure than meeting constituents and hearing what matters most to them. 

Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley lauds success of starting Mandarin language in schools

Premier of Nevis and the leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement- Mark Brantley, expressed pleasure in the success of the programme of starting Mandarin as a second language in the schools of the country. 

St Kitts and Nevis: Premier Brantley asks people to vote CCM after election date announced

Premier Brantley took to Twitter and tweeted that the date has finally been announced because Dr Timothy Harris had run out of time for his conspiracies

Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley visits Maddens and Cedar, meets small businessmen in Bath 

Premier Mark Brantley extended gratitude to Alexis Jeffers for inviting the entire team of the Concerned Citizens Movement to walk with him. He asserted that they continuously pay significant heed to the advice and suggestions coming from people.

Premier Mark Brantley attends opening of National Caribbean Insurance Nevis

Premier Brantley stressed that he continues to be encouraged at the level of investment taking place in Nevis. He assured that his CCM would always work tirelessly to expand the business on the island.

Premier Mark Brantley and CCM team visit Cherry Gardens, interact with people

Premier Brantley is continuously paying visits to the different constituencies with the team of the Concerned Citizens Movement. During the tours, he usually interacted with people and listened to their concerns. 

Nevis: Premier Mark Brantley extends gratitude to Stoney Groove for their warm reception

Premier of Nevis and the leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement, Mark Brantley, visited Stoney Grove to hold an interactive engagement with the people as he listened to their major concerns.

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