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Police held two for drug trafficking in Scarborough

Two arrested in the case of drug trafficking during a mobile patrol in Scarborough, police seized narcotics, firearm on 22 April.

Couple held for marijuana plantation in Moruga

Police booked a man with his girlfriend for possessing and cultivating marijuana during an anti-crime exercise in Moruga on 11 April.

Two booked in Trinidad with $2M worth narcotics and illegal firearm

Trinidad police launched multiple crime eradication exercises in western division which led to seizure of narcotics valued $2M on 10 April.

Trinidad: TTPS revealed illegal possessions in anti crime exercises

Trinidad Police seized illegal possessions during anti crime exercises including ammunition, firearm, narcotics with one arrest on 10 April.

Sangre Grande: $6.6 million marijuana destroyed by officers

Marijuana plantations and seedlings of around 6.6 million dollars destroyed by the officers during an exercise in Sangre Grande on 14 March.

Tacama: 34-year-old man booked with marijuana

34-year-old man held near Tacama Junction in case of carrying marijuana that weighed around 1.8 kilograms on Sunday, 3 March.

Police destroys marijuana plants worth $3.8 million in Ebini

Police destroyed plants of marijuana of estimated street value of $3.8 million during an anti-narcotic exercise in Ebini on 5 March.

Essequibo: CANU seizes Creepy marijuana worth GY$44 million

CANU officers seized Creepy marijuana of estimated street value of GY$44 million in Fisher Village at the Essequibo Coast on 3 March.

Police seized $186 million valued narcotics in Cedros

Police seized a large stock of narcotics of estimated worth around 186 million dollars in Cedros on Sunday, 3 March.

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