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Police probing murder of missing Couva man in Petit Bourg

Police investigating murder case after discovery of a dead body of a 44-year-old man in Petit Bourg, San Juan.

32-year-old man booked for murder of amputee in Chaguanas

A murder registered after death of a male amputee in the hospital after suffering the criminal act of assault and burning in Chaguanas.

16-year-old boy suffers chopping attack in Tacarigua

Attack on a 16-year-old boy was reported and went under investigation in Tacarigua, in which the victim suffered wounds from chopping.

Arima woman escape stabbing attack at her home

Police department is investigating a case of stabbing attack in Arima where a female victim was left with wounds.

Case of murder by shooting in Mt Hope under investigation

Police investigating the case of murder of a male victim in the locality of Mt Hope in a fatal attack of shooting on 18 June.

Diego Martin: shooting against father left daughter injured

A shooting attack targeted at father left daughter injured on her right shoulder in front of their home in Diego Martin 05 June.

Security officer accused of murder in Tacarigua

49-year-old security officer scheduled for appearance in high court after being laid with charges of murder in Tacarigua.

42-year-old mason killed by shooting while working in Mt Hope

42-year-old man was declared dead while working due to shooting in Mt Hope which led to his death on Monday, 06 May.

Man suffers chopping attack by a gang in Chaguanas

33-year-old man was left injured with several blows after a chopping attack near Price Plaza in Chaguanas on Tuesday, 07 May.

Man accused of larceny escapes custody from Mt Hope hospital

Man accused of larceny managed to flee from the police security at Mt Hope Hospital on the night of Tuesday, 23 April.

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