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Morvant: Belmont man died in fatal shooting attack

Man lost his life in a fatal shooting attack by unknown assailants on the roadway of Upper Park Street in Morvant on 19 February.

Three injured in shooting attack at Morvant, San Juan

Three individuals got shot and injured in a shooting incident in the Morvant locality of San Juan on 16 February.

19-year-old arrested with pistol in Morvant Police exercise

19-year-old arrested by police with pistol in a anti-crime exercise in Morvant from 20 January to 21 January between 9:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Dennis and McClaren dies in Morvant shooting by three fake cops

Dennis and McClaren, became victim of fatal shooting by three assailants dressed in tactical gear as cops on Tuesday in Morvant.

Morvant: Victim on bail shot, after routine police reporting

A man became victim of a fatal shooting near local police station around 3:00 pm on Wednesday at Morvant in San Juan.

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