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Mas Domnik

Dominica celebrates Real Mas 2023 with seven classic events

Dominica- The Nature Isle of the Caribbean launched the Real Mas 2023 (Carnival) in January to celebrate the authentic culture, tradition, music, and real masses of the country with different and unique events.

Dominica to host Jouve Melange under theme- “Where Tradition Begins”

Dominica is all set to host Jouve Melange to celebrate and showcase the traditional values of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean under the theme- “Where Tradition Begins”

Dominica celebrates musical heritage on Bouyon Day, features rhythmic music 

The Nature Isle of the Caribbean- Dominica celebrated Bouyon Day with the vibrant, captivating and rhythmic music legends of the country on February 14, 2023, at Carnival city.

Read here: Stories of people who create unique carnival experience of Dominica 

The Carnival of Dominica- Mas Domnik 2023(also known as The Real Mas 2023) is a much-awaited event, and citizens have shared the stories of their unique experiences in the festival. 

Five contestants all set to vie for Miss Dominica 2023 throne 

Dominica Festivals introduced five contestants for Miss Dominica 2023 pageant slated for February 16, 2023, at the Carnival City.

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