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Burnt dead body found in Fyzabad assumed to be of missing man

Police recovered the dead body of a male in burnt condition near Ramatally Park locality of Fyzabad on 20 May.

65-year-old pensioner killed during robbery at his Cunupia house

65-year-old male pensioner was found murdered after a robbery at his home in Cunupia on the morning of Thursday, 09 May.

Port of Spain: Victim of shooting disclosed to be a murder culprit

39-year-old man who was found dead after a fatal shooting incident in Port of Spain is disclosed to be a culprit of 2009 murder case.

Another murder recorded by fatal shooting in Laventille

39-year-old man murdered in a fatal shooting attack by four unknown assailants Laventille on Thursday, 02 May.

Man engages with RagDoll, now expecting third child with it

A man from Columbia named Cristian engaged with RagDoll and termed it the meeting with the love of his life after being single for a number of years.

Interesting transformation in man: From wearing underwear to panties

A man says that he replaced his underwear with his girlfriend’s panties. He said the story is of years ago, he was dating a woman and she asked him to do so for the first time.

Teenage regrets of attempting something unintentionally

As a teenager, every person does some silly things which either become memories or a regret. Here is a confession by a woman who is guilty of doing a very bad thing at the age of 16.

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