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Leader of People's Action Movement Shawn K Richards

St Kitts and Nevis: PAM hosts “Thank You Rally” after losing general elections 

The People's Action Movement, one of the main contenders in the recently-concluded Federal elections in St. Kitts & Nevis, invited its supporters to a Thank You Rally on Friday 12th August from 5 pm to midnight. 

One Movement Manifesto: PAM, CCM pledges to empower Youth with Big 10 agendas

One Movement announced their Youth Agenda to the Big 10 to empower Youth. From Youth Homeowners Grant to National Health Insurance Plan to Innovation Hub to National Youth Council to St Kitts and Nevis Performing Arts and Music Academy are the agendas and plans for the Youth. 

St Kitts and Nevis: PAM, CCM announces future plans for agriculture and food security

People's Action Movement and the Concerned Citizens Movement, through their joint manifesto, announced their future plans and strategies for agriculture and food security ahead of the upcoming general elections, which are set for August 5, 2022. 

St Kitts and Nevis: PAM, CCM announce major developmental plans for education sector in manifesto  

As per their manifesto, Education and Vocational Training must be accessible and affordable. Such Training should prepare our people for the global labour market. 

Manifesto: PAM, CCM promises 5000 new jobs, $100 million dream fund, major plans for health sector 

Under the "One Movement Manifesto", the People's Action Movement and Concerned Citizens Movement launched their joint manifesto, added that upon election, they would create 5000 jobs over the next five years with the goal of reducing unemployment by 50%. 

St Kitts and Nevis: PAM, CCM launches ‘One Movement Manifesto’ for upcoming general elections 

People's Action Movement and Concerned Citizens Movement launched the ONE Movement Manifesto under the theme "Moving Our People Forward" in Green Tree Lawns, Old Road, Constituency #4, July 26. 

St Kitts and Nevis: Shawn Richards outlines PAM’s developmental policies for health, sports sectors 

Shawn K Richards- Leader of the People's Action Movement, outlined his agendas, plans, and policies for determining the developmental path of the different sectors in St Kitts and Nevis if they get elected in the upcoming elections and formed the government.  

Premier Mark Brantley congratulates Charlestown School for winning Relay Championship 

Premier of Nevis and Leader of Concerned Citizens Movement Mark Brantley extended warm greetings to Charlestown Primary School for securing an incredible victory in the first ever Ram's Primary School Relay Championship

“Elections must be held within 90 or no later than 7 August 2022,” says Shawn Richards

Shawn K Richards- Leader of People's Action Movement and Former Deputy Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis lambasted current Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris

“Motion of no confidence against PM Harris to scheduled within 21 days”, says Shawn Richards

Abiding in their decision of formally lodging a motion of no confidence against the leadership of the Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of People's Action Movement (PAM) Shawn K Richards declared that the motion would be scheduled at the earliest within 21 days

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