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Main suspect of triple murder of Saint James taken into custody

Police department of Saint James parish took the main suspect among two culprits of the triple murder case under their custody.

Case of triple murder recorded in Montego Bay

Saint James records a case of a triple murder in the locality of Montego Bay in which three male victims lost their lives by shooting.

Port of Spain: Fatal shooting resulted in murder of a man

Port of Spain recorded another murder case in which a man got killed by shooting at George Street by the unknown assailant.

Kingston: Burger King employees freed in $10 million fraud case

Five accused employees of Burger King in Kingston were freed from criminal charges in the case of fraud at the workplace on Thursday, 07 June.

Colombia exploring $20 billion shipwreck in Caribbean Sea

The government of Colombia launched an expedition mission in the Caribbean Sea to explore the shipwreck of the San José.

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