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Couva businessman lost car in robbery after kidnapping

36-year-old businessman became victim of kidnapping and robbery in Couva on 2 April by two suspects while he was to sell his vehicle.

Tobago man held for kidnapping and assault on his ex-girlfriend

49-year-old man booked by police for kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend and physical assault on her in Tobago on Wednesday, 27 March.

23-year-old man remanded for sexual offence with minor in Arima

23-year-old man appeared in Arima Magistrate’s court on Wednesday, 7 February, for sexual offence against a minor.

14-year-old girl kidnapped and raped by three in Saint James

14-year-old girl became victim of kidnapping and raped while going to school by three suspects in Saint James on Tuesday, 16 January.

Fyzabad robbery and kidnapping victim stabbed by friend

Man became victim of robbery and kidnapping, after which he got stabbed and left to die by suspect and a friend in Fyzabad, on Tuesday.

Phipps, Henry and Thomas charged with Port Antonio robbery

Phipps, Henry and Thomas arrested on Tuesday for robbery, kidnapping and aggravation of a couple at Folly in Port Antonio on 17 December.

Police rescues victim of kidnapping, arrests one of four suspects

Police arrested one of four suspects in the case of kidnapping a businesswoman of El Socorro in San Juan on Tuesday, 2 January.

Gasparillo Police searches for suspect in attempted kidnapping

A 21-year-old woman became the victim of an attempted kidnapping with her three-year-old son on the night of Wednesday in Gasparillo.

Police conducts successful operation to foil kidnapping in Jamaica

Police Department of Jamaica conducted successful operation on the night of 28 December, rescuing the victim of kidnapping in Spanish Town.

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