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Valsayn man declared dead after road accident in Barataria

39-year-old man lost his life in a fatal road accident along the highway in the Barataria neighbourhood of San Juan on 17 April.

Police seizes unauthorised firearms in San Juan

Major anti-crime exercise in San Juan on Tuesday led to seizure of unauthorised firearms and ammunition along Vita Street.

74-year-old man becomes victim of robbery and assault in Barataria

74-year-old man became victim of robbery and physical assault in Barataria, San Juan, on the morning of Friday, 22 March.

Two wanted men booked in San Juan robbery case

Police held two wanted men in the case of robbery during a strategic exercise along the Priority Bus Route in San Juan on 9 March.

See how Famous drummer Juan Escovedo, known as The J will celebrate his birthday

Juan Escovedo, also known as The J and the famous percussionist, drummer, writer and producer from the United States of America is all set to celebrate his birthday with the great events on March 18, 2023

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