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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Clarendon murder case: 28-year-old man shot dead, one injured

28-year-old man declared dead after suffering a fatal shooting in Clarendon, one man in left injured on Saturday.

Matura home invasion resulted in triple murder, one injured

Four members of family got attacked during home invasion, among whom three got killed and one left injured at their property in Matura.

Cap De Ville man left injured in chopping attack by two

A chopping attack was reported in the Cap De Ville locality in Point Fortin against a 27-year-old man on Wednesday.

Shooting in Saint Mary resulted in double murder, two injured

A double murder is recorded in the shooting of Dover district in Saint Mary in which two were left injured on Friday, 07 June.

Two men injured by shooting near bar in Arima

A case of the shooting attack is under investigation in which two individuals were left injured in Arima on Thursday, 06 June.

Diego Martin: shooting against father left daughter injured

A shooting attack targeted at father left daughter injured on her right shoulder in front of their home in Diego Martin 05 June.

Altercation between schoolboys led to stabbing in Barataria

15-year-old boy got injured from stabbing by a 14-year-old boy in the Barataria North Secondary School on Monday, 03 June.

Female soldier shot by suspect during robbery in Chaguaramas

21-year-old female soldier got shot by the bandits during a robbery attempt with another lady in Chaguaramas on Tuesday, 07 May.

Man suffers chopping attack by a gang in Chaguanas

33-year-old man was left injured with several blows after a chopping attack near Price Plaza in Chaguanas on Tuesday, 07 May.

Fatal shooting of Cocorite affected 12, 4 deaths reported

Twelve individuals reported to be the victims of a fatal shooting attack in the Cocorite district on Saturday, 04 May.

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