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Hurricane Tammy

Premier Brantley lauds preparedness against Hurricane Tammy

He surveyed some roads and found them in good situation, giving credit to the hard work of the engineering team

KNOW HERE: Cancelled flights of interCaribbean Airways

interCaribbean Airways cancelled the flights due to the passage of Hurricane Tammy.

KNOW HERE: Recovery flights of Caribbean Airlines cancelled amid Hurricane

Caribbean Airlines announced the recovery flight schedule for the service cancelled due to the passage of Hurricane Tammy.

Alert signs of Hurricane Tammy discontinued

The Hurricane Tammy warnings suspended in the region. Hurricane Tammy impacted Antigua and Barbuda to a great extent. Hurricane Tammy continued its movement towards the north-northwest direction at the speed of 10 miles per hour (mph).

Caribbean Airlines cancels flights for Oct 21 amid Hurricane Tammy

Caribbean Airlines cancelled flights for Saturday, October 21, 2023 due to the passage of Hurricane Tammy

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