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Hurricane in Caribbean

Weather: Flash Flood warning in effect for some islands in Caribbean

The weather over Jounen Kweyol Weekend to remain dizzy as the flash flood watches and warnings will remain in effect for some islands of the Caribbean

Hurricane Otis strengthened into category 5, chances of highest winds

Hurricane Otis has explosively strengthened from a tropical storm this morning to a category 5(165mph as of 11 pm CDT)

KNOW HERE: Cancelled flights of interCaribbean Airways

interCaribbean Airways cancelled the flights due to the passage of Hurricane Tammy.

Hurricane Warnings discontinued for Caribbean

Due to the disturbances of the weather in Caribbean, several festivals and schools have been postponed and closed

Hurricane Lee likely to influence waters, slowing down with time 

Hurricane Lee is likely to influence the weather and water across the Caribbean. The potential impact of the hurricane will remain 6 to 8 (six to eight) days away. 

Weather: Hurricane Lee down to Category 3, storms to slow down

Hurricane Lee down to a Category 3. It will remains a major hurricane this evening (Friday, Sept 8 ) but it has battled some wind shear today, causing the storm to lose some of its intensity.

Flash Flood Warning issued for Barbados amid TS Bret threat 

: A flash flood warning is issued for Barbados with sustained winds of 34 to 63 knots (39 to 73 mph; 63 to 118km/h).

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