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Guyana News

Two men shot dead by man, demands justice in Guyana

Two men were shot dead by a man when they were shopping across the streets of Georgetown on Thursday, know full deets

Woman in Guyana brutally raped and beaten to death

A woman in Guyana was brutally raped and beaten by two men aged 18 and 25, causing an incised wound to her neck, fractured cervical spine and Asphyxiation.

Tug, barge collide with Harbour Bridge, rumours surfaces on social media

The collision between tug, barge and the existing Harbour Bridge has been occurred at the construction site of the new Demerara River Crossing on Sunday night.

Guyana Coast Guard vessel collides with civilian boat; Operator, Mother dies and baby survives

The incident of collision between a Guyanese Coast Guard vessel and a civilian boat has been reported in the Moruca River.

Guyana: Man stabbed ex-wife with knife, sentenced jail for 11 years

A man has stabbed her ex-reputed wife with a knife and was found guilt in Guyana on Wednesday.

Guyana: 14-year-old girl missing, sparks rage over child protection

A 14-year-old girl has been reported missing and caused havoc among the citizens about the safety of the children in the villages of Guyana

Guyana: Family in rage over death of Child due to surgery on his legs

Two days ago, an eleven-month-old child died due to surgery on his legs at West Demerara Regional Hospital, causing rage among the family members.

Corriverton fire destroys two proprietors, causes millions of dollars loss

A fire of unknown origin destroyed two proprietors counting millions of dollars on Monday morning at Corriverton, Guyana.

Guyana: Father forces daughter to perform oral sex on him, arrested

In a shocking incident, a father allegedly asked her daughter to perform oral sex on him last August in Region Three, Guyana

Father accuses his ex-wife of physically abusing him and his children

Devon Khan, 26, a father 3 and of Wales, West Bank Demerara (WBD), has broken his silence and revealed how his ex-wife physically and verbally abused him and his children

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