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Penal man suicide recorded as third case this week in Trinidad

Death of a 21-year-old man in a locality of Penal recorded as third case of suicide in a week, in Trinidad and Tobago.

Case of suicide reported in Maloney Gardens, second in a week

28-year-old man committed suicide who was found hanged at his home in the Maloney Gardens neighbourhood of D’Abadie.

Three men wounded in shooting of Maloney Gardens

A targeted shooting attack by three armed suspects was reported which was aimed at three male victims in the region of Maloney Gardens.

Police probe suicide case of 54-year-old man is Debe

A case of suicide was reported to the police department in which a 54-year-old man was discovered hanging at his house in Debe.

Spanish Town Detectives are probing shooting against a man

24-year-old man hospitalised with wounds from gunshots in Spanish Town shooting by the armed assailants after he left from a funeral.

Central Division police seized illegal firearms, five booked

Police seized firearms and other illegal possessions in the Central Division targeted in the localities of Cunupia and Claxton Bay.

Port of Spain police held four men during DUI exercise

Police disclosed the arrest of four offenders, including a teenager, during the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) exercise in Port of Spain.

Accused gang member artist Plumpy Boss bailed for $350k

Artist Plumpy Boss granted bail by court for $350k surety in the case of gang-related offences and being a gang member.

Saint Andrew man booked for robbery and stabbing two victims

Police booked a 34-year-old man in a case of robbery and injuring a woman and a man by stabbing in Saint Andrew on Friday, May 24.

Piarco murder: 26-year-old man shot and killed by unknown

26-year-old man was reported as the deceased victim in the murder case of Oropune Gardens in Piarco on 22 May.

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