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Police seizes unauthorised firearms in San Juan

Major anti-crime exercise in San Juan on Tuesday led to seizure of unauthorised firearms and ammunition along Vita Street.

Portmore: 22-year-old artist booked with firearms and ammunition

22-year-old artist taken prisoner for possessing illegal firearms and ammunition in Portmore town in Saint Catherine on 7 March.

Police seizes firearm with AK-47 in Montego Bay

Police seized two illegal firearms including an AK-47 in the neighbourhood of Flankers in Montego Bay on 5 March.

Aripero: 32-year-old man died in fatal shooting

32-year-old man lost his life in fatal shooting attack by two suspects while working to build a drain in Aripero on 27 February.

Police books three for homemade firearms in Charuma

Police held three suspects in case of possessing homemade firearms in Charuma during joint operations against illegal hunting on 18 February.

Police seize firearms in Trinidad operations amid carnival

Trinidad police arrested 28-year-old man and seized two firearms in operations of Arouca, Malick and Caledonia in carnival weekend.

Dominique Greene arrested with firearms and ammo at Old Road

Police arrest and charge culprit, Dominique Greene, for possessing firearms and ammunition at Old Road in St Kitts on Saturday.

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