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Linstead police investigates case of shooting on 63-year-old man

Police launched a manhunt operation to catch the shooting attack culprit on a 63-year-old senior citizen in Linstead on 09 May.

Fatal shooting of Cocorite affected 12, 4 deaths reported

Twelve individuals reported to be the victims of a fatal shooting attack in the Cocorite district on Saturday, 04 May.

Port of Spain: Victim of shooting disclosed to be a murder culprit

39-year-old man who was found dead after a fatal shooting incident in Port of Spain is disclosed to be a culprit of 2009 murder case.

Another murder recorded by fatal shooting in Laventille

39-year-old man murdered in a fatal shooting attack by four unknown assailants Laventille on Thursday, 02 May.

Prominent businessman shot dead at his home in Couva

A businessman became victim of a fatal attack in which he got shot and murdered by unknown assailants in Couva on 01 May.

Lethal shooting in Port of Spain killed a 34-year-old man

34-year-old man declared dead after being found bleeding due to a fatal shooting attack in Port of Spain on 30 April.

23-year-old man died in Tapakuma fatal accident

23-year-old man lost his life in a fatal accident while riding his motorbike along the road on the Tapakuma Trail on Sunday 28 April.

Irwin High School murder accused teenager bailed by court

14-year-old boy granted bail in the Saint James Family Court for the case of a murder in Irwin High School on Thursday, 25 April.

Valsayn man declared dead after road accident in Barataria

39-year-old man lost his life in a fatal road accident along the highway in the Barataria neighbourhood of San Juan on 17 April.

Two brothers pronounced dead in Arima shooting

Two brothers pronounced dead after shooting attack in front of family house along Martinez Street in Arima on 28 March.

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