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European Union

EU sets new criteria for suspending visa-free travel access

EU Targets Misalignment, Investor Citizenship, and Security Threats

EC chief spokesman Eric Mamer announces steps to implement EU Security Union strategy

The European Commission's chief spokesman, Eric Mamer, took to Twitter and announced that the EC took concrete steps to implement the EU Security Union strategy

MEP Elena Kountoura shares update on adoption of directive women on boards in EU

Elena Kountoura- Member of the European Parliament (MEP), announced that the EU is proceeding with the adoption of the Directive Women on Boards.

MEP Elena Kountoura calls for immediate action against gender violence

Member of the European Parliament- Elena Kountoura outlined the significance of women and asked the European Union for appropriate solutions to mitigate gender violence.

PM Gaston Browne attends EU Housing Support to Barbuda Project final handover ceremony

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, along with Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs, Samantha N. Marshall, attended the EU Housing Support to Barbuda Project in Collaboration with the Government final Handover Ceremony in Barbuda on Monday, July 18, 2022. 

Antigua and Barbuda handover 10 homes to beneficiaries under EU-funded Housing Support project

In order to promote resilience, the European Union financially assisted the Housing Support project of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda as part of the post-Hurricane Irma recovery efforts

St Lucia govt collaborates with EU for Venus- Anse La Raye Link Road project

The Government of St Lucia has collaborated with the European Union for some significant infrastructure projects, which includes the most recent initiative called the Venus- Anse La Raye Link Road on Tuesday

Grenada joins other Caribbean nations to terminate Russia, Belarus from CBI programme

The military action of the Russian Federation against its neighbouring country-Ukraine has been criticised by most of the countries across the globe.

Caribbean votes in favour of UN resolution against Russian aggression in Ukraine

Most of the countries stood against Russia due to its military action against Ukraine, and the Caribbean region is also among them.

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