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European Parliamentary Elena Kountoura

MEP Elena Kountoura presents report on Data Act in European Parliament 

Elena Kountoura- a Member of the European Parliament, presented a report on the Data Act in the European Parliament. She stated that the proposals were incorporated in the report on the Data Act that was voted for in the European Parliament.

MEP Kountoura addresses 7th Cancer Conference, ensures implementation of cancer policy in EU

Elena Kountoura- Member of the European Parliament, delivered a keynote address at the 7th Cancer Conference, where she stressed equal access for all citizens to optimal cancer treatment services. 

MEP Elena Kountoura attends meeting at European Parliament with chamber presidents

Elena Kountoura- Member of the European Parliament, attended the meeting at the European Parliament with the presidents of 6 chambers of the country, focusing on the severe multiple crisis of accuracy

MEP Elena Kountoura calls for immediate action against gender violence

Member of the European Parliament- Elena Kountoura outlined the significance of women and asked the European Union for appropriate solutions to mitigate gender violence.

MEP Elena Kountoura presents intervention at Plenary of European Parliament

Member of European Parliament- Elena Kountoura presented her intervention at the Plenary of the European Parliament. In the intervention, she talked about the energy crisis. 

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