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Man accused of larceny escapes custody from Mt Hope hospital

Man accused of larceny managed to flee from the police security at Mt Hope Hospital on the night of Tuesday, 23 April.

40-year-old woman escapes death during shooting at her home in Arima

40-year-old woman managed to escape the shooting attack on herself by two suspects at her home in Arima on 20 March.

Tacarigua: 32-year-old man escapes shooting attack

32-year-old man escape a shooting attack in his Nissan Navara car at his home along Eighth Street East in Tacarigua on 7 March.

37-year-old man escapes from police custody in San Juan

37-year-old man escaped from custody of police while being escorted along 1st Street in San Juan on Friday, 9 February.

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