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Friday, December 1, 2023
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Ernest Hilaire

PM Philip J Pierre to participate Parade of Bands in Lucian Carnival 2022

PM Philip J Pierre stated that after a halt of two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country had witnessed thousands of Carnival revelers who will play their mas in the parade of the bands.

Dy PM Hilaire congratulates “Tribe of Twel Carnival Band”- Saint Lucia’s 2022 King and Queen of Bands

As the Carnival is ongoing in the country, with the commencement of the King and Queen of the Bands, various activities for Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 have culminated in the first weekend.

Dy PM Hilaire congratulates Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra to won Panorama Competition

Hilaire peened down his expression on social media and stated that it was amazing to be part of the competition after two years of hiatus.

St Lucia: Ernest Hilaire outlines significance of agriculture sector in Mango Expo

Minister for Tourism, Dr Ernest Hilaire, outlined the significance of the agriculture sector while calling it the major source of the connection to the other industries. The statement has been delivered by Hilaire 2022 Mango Expo of Saint Lucia. 

St Lucia records 29 new COVID cases, 66 recoveries

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs confirmed that a total of 29 new cases of the COVID-19 pandemic in St Lucia on Saturday, June 18, 2022. 

St Lucia: Ernest Hilaire distributes laptops to schools in Castries

Ernest Hilaire- Deputy Prime Minister of St Lucia and Parliamentary Representative of Castries Constituency, distributed laptops to the various schools in his constituency. 

St Lucia shows its tourism products in New York

Embarking on a multi-city and multi-pronged approach, the event will span four states; New York, Toronto, Dallas, and Miami, from June 7th to 16th.

St Lucia presents “Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show” at Santa Clara Convention Centre

St Lucia Tourism Authority shared an update on showcasing St Lucia at the "Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show 2022" at the Santa Clara Convention Centre ion May 21 to May 22 2022.

Wishes pour on PM Philip J Pierre to complete 25 years as politician in St Lucia

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre celebrated 25 years of elected services and as a politician of St Lucia. On his special occasion, various wishes from different people have been poured on him

St Lucia approves new incentives to host Carnival 2022 

In order to host a successful and secure St Lucian Carnival 2022, the government of St Lucia, through the Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, created plans and new initiatives.  

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