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Jamaica imports ballots worth $87.4 Million for elections in last four years: Reports

The importing of special templates to print ballots for the elections has cost around $87.4 in Jamaica for the last four years.

Antigua and Barbuda: ABLP highlights completion of challenges left by UPP in manifesto 2023 

Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, in their manifesto launched for the January 18 general elections, stated that their administration has overcome severe challenges posed by the UPP

PM Gaston Browne says ABLP administration expects to grow country’s economy by 8 to 8.5% in 2023

Leader of Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party and Prime Minister Gaston Browne launched Dean Jones from St Georges constituency for the January 18 general elections.

Antigua and Barbuda: ABLP launches manifesto 2023, PM Browne promises overall development

Prime Minister Gaston Browne-led Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party launched the manifesto for the January 18, 2023 general elections.

PM Gaston Browne-led administration implements plans to advance youth, says ABLP 

Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party announced the various programmes and plans implemented by the administration of PM Gaston Browne for the upliftment of the Youth in different sectors, such as technology and sports. 

Antigua and Barbuda: PM Gaston Browne announces future projects set to take place in 2023

Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced significant future projects which will be taken place in Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda: ABLP provides indisputable facts on immigrants, human rights policy

Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party provided the facts on immigrants and human rights policy in the country.

Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party announces plans for water, electricity and technology

Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party announced their plans and agendas for the water, electricity, and internet technology for the upcoming 18 January general elections.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit announces new cabinet of Dominica, know full list

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit announced the new Cabinet of Ministers of Dominica and associated Parliamentary Secretaries on Monday, December 12, 2022.

Election results 2022: Mark Brantley retains his position, wins Nevis 2 with 1313 votes 

Leader of Concerned Citizens Movement Mark Brantley retained his position after securing a landslide victory in the Nevis #2, St Johns, with 1313 votes.

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