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Loopholes in background checks for UAE Golden Visas raise concerns globally

The United Arab Emirates Business and Golden Visa Programmes have been facing challenges due to the loopholes in their due diligence procedures.

Canada’s struggles with maintaining immigration, due diligence standards

Canada has shown a penchant for backing a citizen who might have a chequered past, simply because the individual is a citizen.

Dominica starts mandatory interviews for CBI applicants, enhances due diligence 

The Commonwealth of Dominica has initiated mandatory interviews for all applicants of the Citizenship by Investment Programme

UK’s high potential Tier 1 Investor Visa can be reintroduced with systematic due diligence: Experts

The United Kingdom’s golden visa programme, launched in 2008, was extremely popular with the global High Net Worth community.

St Kitts and Nevis offers longest-running and most transparent route to alternative citizenship

Recognised as one of the longest-running, safest, and most secure, the Citizenship by Investment Programme of St Kitts and Nevis is also getting an appraisal for carrying out due diligence on every application.

CS Global partners names CBI programme of Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis as best in world

Citizenship by Investment programme has become an efficient source of boosting the economy of any country. For outlining the significance of the CBI programme,...

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