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33-year-old mentally ill man killed in Barrackpore police encounter

33-year-old mentally ill man who was threatening the public was shot and killed in police encounter of Barrackpore on 07 May.

Man suffers chopping attack by a gang in Chaguanas

33-year-old man was left injured with several blows after a chopping attack near Price Plaza in Chaguanas on Tuesday, 07 May.

Mentally ill man shot and injured in encounter by Siparia police

35-year-old man suffering from mental illness was shot by police officers in an encounter in Siparia on Tuesday, 23 April.

Chopping attack on couple in Mayaro, suspect held

Couple got injured in chopping attack with cutlass after involving in argument with suspect on 21 February, in Mayaro.

38-year-old man attacked with cutlass by known women at Palo Seco

38-year-old man became victim of cutlass attack by known woman at his home in Palo Seco on Sunday, 21 January.

64-year-old attacked with cutlass in La Brea, suspect arrested

Police arrested a man who attacked 64-year-old with a cutlass in La Brea on Sunday, 7 January, around 1:00 pm.

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