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Friday, December 1, 2023
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COVID infections continue to surge in China: Reports 

The wave of the COVID pandemic has surged in China after witnessing significant control over infections for nearly three years.

WHO accuses China government of manipulating COVID related data: Reports 

The World Health Organization accused the government of China of manipulating the data related to the COVID cases. It stated that the authorities in the country made fun of the seriousness of the pandemic, which is unacceptable. 

President Xi Jinping to relax zero COVID policy to revamp economy of China

President Xi Jinping announced to relax zero-COVID policy in order to revive the economy of China. The Community Party stated that the policy could fracture the economic and social structures, as per James Stent- an author of China’s Banking Transformation: The Untold Story.

Guyana receives 40,800 doses of Moderna vaccines from govt of Republic of South Korea

During the brief handing-over ceremony at the Ministry of Health’s Bond in Kingston, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony welcomed the donation.

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