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Couva businessman lost car in robbery after kidnapping

36-year-old businessman became victim of kidnapping and robbery in Couva on 2 April by two suspects while he was to sell his vehicle.

One dead, three injured in firebomb attack of Couva

25-year-old man found dead a malicious act of firebomb attack by unknown suspects in Couva which left three members hospitalised on 03 April.

Police seizes 5kg marijuana and ammunition in Couva

Police department seized compressed marijuana weighed around five kilograms with ammunition in Couva on Tuesday, 5 March.

Two booked by police in Couva robbery case

Two individuals held during an anti-crime operation under the case of robbery in the Couva district on Wednesday, 28 February.

Criminal on bail chopped to death in Couva

A man involve in kidnapping and was out on bail found dead by the police officers, wounded of chopping attack in Couva on 15 February.

Woman arrested with marijuana and ammunition in Couva

Woman and two sons arrested by police in anti-crime operation recovering ammunition, magazines with marijuana in Couva on Thursday.

Renako Pierre dies in San Fernando shooting

Renako Pierre, lost his life in a shooting on his vehicle at Le Gendre and Funrose Streets, off Coffee Street in San Fernando, on Monday.

Idi Stuart raise health concern amid San Fernando Hospital infrastructural works

Idi Stuart show health concern for medical staff and patients amid the recent infrastructural works at San Fernando General Hospital.

Couva girl gets assaulted at the parking of Gulf City Mall

A girl was assaulted by a teenage boy due to an argument over the parking space at Gulf City Mall in Couva, Trinidad, on Sunday, 17 December.

Trinidad and Tobago: Victim hospitalised after being shot in Couva

A 48-year-old man was shot by unknown assailants outside his home, leaving him in serious condition on Princes Avenue in Couva on Sunday

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