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Erin physical confrontation in relatives left two injured

A physical confrontation was reported among relatives at their home in Erin which led to the injury of two individuals on Sunday.

Camuto man suffers chopping attack for alleged sexual assault

51-year-old man suffers several injuries from a chopping attack during a confrontation in Camuto at the home of the suspect on 05 June.

Prison officer under custody for firing in Barataria bar

Case of firing in a bar of Barataria is under investigation which involves a police officer and a prison officer in a conflict.

Two men injured by stabbing after an argument in Arima

Two individuals suffered injuries in stabbing attack by a suspect in the Malabar locality of Arima on Tuesday, 07 May.

Port of Spain prison conflict led to prisoner’s death

Police investigating the death of a 26-year-old prisoner in a confrontation between prison officers and prisoners of Port of Spain prison.

36-year-old murder accused charged in Kingston stabbing case

36-year-old man charged on 25 March in murder case of 27-year-old man after an argument by stabbing in Kingston on 11 March.

Prisoners and officers conflict injured 11 in Port of Spain prison

An altercation between prison officers and prisoners took place in prison of Port of Spain left 11 injured on Tuesday, 26 March.

Venezuela man stabbed and killed by Spanish speakers in Macoya

Venezuela man murdered by stabbing multiple times after an argument with some Spanish speaking men in Macoya on 23 March.

Seven charged for physical confrontation with Westmoreland police

Seven men are charged who were arrested by Westmoreland police for involving in physical encounters with the cops on 10 March.

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