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Interesting transformation in man: From wearing underwear to panties

A man says that he replaced his underwear with his girlfriend’s panties. He said the story is of years ago, he was dating a woman and she asked him to do so for the first time.

A mother breastfeeds her son till the age of 20

The weirdest of the situations come forward with the confessions of others. The secrets of the people sometimes surprise others to an extent

Boy says I was gay then, but not now I am

A 17 years old boy confesses his attraction towards other boys when he was child. He says when he was about 11,12 or 13, he used to get attracted towards boys of his age.

Story from Love to Hate

I got to know that I am being cheated by both of my close persons. My best friend and boy friend were dating each other.

Sexual Desire: Joy or Iniquity

A married woman confesses that controlling sexual desire is very hard for a longer period of time.

I like someone who is already committed

Everyday I go through a mental trauma as the person I like is my very close friend , and has a girlfriend as well.

Boy says for himself – not Gay, but Asexual

A strange confession by a boy gives way to weird thoughts. He confesses that he does not find any of the pleasure in sexual activity.

Teenage regrets of attempting something unintentionally

As a teenager, every person does some silly things which either become memories or a regret. Here is a confession by a woman who is guilty of doing a very bad thing at the age of 16.

Woman punishes herself for not liking he actions mind does to body

Weird things by people are all on the top of the box. A woman punishes her body by not eating anything whenever her body does something unwanted to her.

My 14-year-old daughter saw me getting intimate

She encountered an absurd sound of me screaming while having intimacy with my husband. I was also talking about something which was somehow inappropriate for the girl who is 14 years old.

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