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67-year-old lady lost gold chain in Princes Town robbery

An armed robbery against a 67-year-old female pensioner is reported in which two miscreants snatched a gold chain in Princes Town.

70-year-old farmer in Moruga became victim of robbery

Police department registered a case of robbery against a 70-year-old senior citizen by two armed bandits in Moruga.

Police probing murder of unidentified man in Saint Madeleine

Police department of Saint Madeleine is probing a case of murder after the discovery of a dead body in the town.

Christiana shooting killed two and injured one at a bar

Christiana, Manchester witnessed a fatal shooting by unknown assailants at a bar which killed two and injured one individual.

Saint James police booked four bandits for failed robbery

Police arrested four bandits including two teenagers in the case of attempted robbery on a 72-year-old woman in Saint James.

Two murder cases recorded in Kingston, investigation ongoing

Police is investigating the two different murder cases that took place within a few minutes in Greenwich Town, Kingston along Fifth Street.

Pensioner’s farm looted by three in Caroni during robbery

A 65-year-old male pensioner lost some valuable items in a robbery attempted by three individuals in Caroni on 17 June.

Senior citizen held with $17.7 million marijuana in South Oropouche

Police held a 63-year-old senior citizen with high-grade marijuana in an intelligence-led operation in South Oropouche.

Dead body of missing pensioner found decomposed in Freeport

A decomposing dead body of a pensioner was recovered by police department in the bushy area of Freeport on 04 June.

74-year-old pensioner killed by stabbing in Fyzabad

74-year-old male pensioner found dead in stabbing attack at his home in Fyzabad and in a partially burnt condition on 02 June.

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