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Cap De Ville man left injured in chopping attack by two

A chopping attack was reported in the Cap De Ville locality in Point Fortin against a 27-year-old man on Wednesday.

Camuto man suffers chopping attack for alleged sexual assault

51-year-old man suffers several injuries from a chopping attack during a confrontation in Camuto at the home of the suspect on 05 June.

Saint Mary man charged for murder of 3-year-old by chopping

33-year-old man of Saint Mary charged in the case of a chopping attack on his relatives, including a three-year-old boy on Friday, 07 June.

Police investigate murder of a farmer in Maggoty

Police launched an investigation of murder after discovery of a male dead body in Maggoty with several wounds of chopping on 18 May.

Man suffers chopping attack by a gang in Chaguanas

33-year-old man was left injured with several blows after a chopping attack near Price Plaza in Chaguanas on Tuesday, 07 May.

Chopping attack on couple in Mayaro, suspect held

Couple got injured in chopping attack with cutlass after involving in argument with suspect on 21 February, in Mayaro.

57-yr-old surrenders after chopping co-worker in Mayaro

57-year-old Moruga man surrendered by walking into police station in Mayaro for chopping co-worker cutlass on Thursday.

34-yr-old man becomes victim of chopping attack in Princes Town

34-year-old man became victim of chopping in confrontation with two suspects at his home in Princes Town on Wednesday.

Two men injured in Rio Claro chopping attack, suspects arrested

Two men became victim of chopping in confrontation with three suspects armed cutlasses and knives in Rio Claro on Thursday.

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