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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Caribbean weather

Periods of heavy rainfall, thunderstorms to affect Eastern Caribbean

Trailing moisture from a newly formed low pressure east of Bahamas keeps a very moist SE flow across Peurto Rico, VI, and southern Lesse Antilles

Weather to remain wet, cause flooding, landslide across Caribbean

It has been causing possible threats of wet conditions, flash flooding and landslides through this weekend.

Hurricane Warnings discontinued for Caribbean

Due to the disturbances of the weather in Caribbean, several festivals and schools have been postponed and closed

interCaribbean Airways flights cancelled due to TS Philippe

The flights of the interCaribbean Airways have been disrupted due to the adverse weather conditions caused by Tropical Storm Philippe

Tropical Storm Watches in effect for Antigua and Barbuda

Topical Storm Watch has been issued for Antigua and Barbuda amid the circulation of the Philippe

interCaribbean Airways cancels flights due to TS Franklin, announces list

interCaribbean Airways announced the list of flights which will not operate due to the passage of Tropical Storm Franklin. The flights will not operate on August 23, 2023. 

Weather: Chances of few occasional showers around Lesser Antilles

A few occasional showers are around the Lesser Antilles tonight. A surge in the trade winds will cause some convergence and showers coming into the Windwards by morning. 

WEATHER: Tropical Wave to bring showers and thunderstorms in Windwards

A tropical wave continues to bring showers and isolated thunderstorms to the northern islands. Trade wind surge causing some showers in the rest of the Windwards down to Trinidad where ITCZ is also active.

Weather: Tropical Wave to bring showers across Barbados and Windwards 

An active topical wave is to the east of the Lesser Antilles. Rainbands ahead of it are expected to start bringing showers to Barbados

WEATHER: Chance of morning showers, thunderstorms for Trinidad and Tobago 

Trinidad and Tobago will experience wind, thunderstorms and morning showers in the coming five days. The Met Service announced that the country would also witness partly cloudy to cloudy weather. 

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