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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Two men injured in Belmont shooting attack

Two individuals became victims of shooting attack in which they got injured in Belmont locality of Port of Spain on 22 February.

Morvant: Belmont man died in fatal shooting attack

Man lost his life in a fatal shooting attack by unknown assailants on the roadway of Upper Park Street in Morvant on 19 February.

Belmont man arrested for possessing and showing off AR-15 rifle in TikTok video

Belmont Man arrested from his home for possessing and showing off AR-15 rifle in a TikTok video on Monday, 15 January.

Man becomes victim of Belmont shooting in moving car

Man became victim of shooting on Sunday around 1:02 am at the Erthig and Archer Streets of Belmont area in Port of Spain.

25-year-old man killed in fatal shooting in Belmont

25-year-old man was shot and killed when he went to sell an item at Belle Eau Road of Belmont in Port of Spain on Saturday, 6 January.

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