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Two men booked by police for shooting in Cunupia

A man became victim of shooting by two suspects, who are arrested, at Dass Trace Recreation Grounds in Cunupia on 24 February.

20-year-old held in Bon Accord robbery case

20-year-old man arrested in case of a robbery near a night club at Mt Pleasant Boulevard in Bon Accord on 25 February.

Wanted criminal held with two others in Claxton Bay

A wanted culprit of two homicides held with his two companions during a search of an abandoned house in Claxton Bay on 25 February.

Laventille: 10-year-old boy died in fatal shooting, two held

10-year-old boy lost his life in shooting that was related to the gangs along Laventille road in East Dry River on 22 February.

20-year-old man booked for larceny in Crown Point

20-year-old man held in Store Bay in the case of breaking into a house and larceny in Crown Point on Wednesday, 21 February.

Wakefield: Two booked by police for possessing illegal firearm

Two individuals booked by police in case of possessing an illegal firearm during an anti-crime operation in Wakefield on 20 February.

Nigel Bailey arrested in Saint Catherine for double murder

Nigel Bailey arrested by police in Saint Catherine and charged with multiple offences, including two murders on 24 October, 10 December.

Hitman Naim of Diego Martin arrested by Guyana police

Hitman Naim of Trinidad and Tobago arrested in Guyana by the Guyana Police Force at a city hospital on Friday, 19 January.

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