Synchrotron project underway for greater Caribbean region

Scientists and Researchers from multiple organisations are working on the project of building a synchrotron for the greater Caribbean region.

Synchrotron project underway for greater Caribbean region. Image Credit: Facebook, RACV
Synchrotron project underway for greater Caribbean region. Image Credit: Facebook, RACV

Caribbean: Scientists and Researchers from multiple organisations and research institutes are working on the project of building a new synchrotron to satisfy the energy needs of the greater Caribbean region. The major participants in the project are the researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and the Centro Internacional de FÍsica de BogotÃ.

The synchrotron is a mechanism that is a kind of cyclotron that works on the law of magnetic fields and escalates the particles in a certain way which eventually helps to generate the energy and produce the high beam light. In common words, it is also known as a method of making man-made sun in the lab.

The synchrotron project under the development process by researchers for the greater Caribbean region is named LAMISTAD. LAMISTAD stands for Latin American International Synchrotron for Technology, Analysis, and Development.

The intention of building a synchrotron is clearly to achieve a source of energy for the Caribbean and the wider region to fulfil the requirements for constant growth. The synchrotrons are seen as a mechanism for achieving great potential, especially for the nations of the Caribbean and Africa which need industrial development.

Juan Angel Sans, a researcher at the Research Institute of Design for Manufacturing and Automated Production, said in his statement on synchrotron in the greater Caribbean, “We are developing the LAMISTAD project precisely to try to reduce this gap and fully exploit the scientific potential of these regions.”

The other researchers said while mentioning this project, “In this world of science, the large facilities not only bring the possibilities for revolutionary discoveries but it also contributes in the development of high capacities and equality between regions. Where they are built, there are employment opportunities for people, skill improvement, and progress in key infrastructures.”

The researchers are currently working on the technical section of the project and meanwhile also involved in the promotion and clarification around their attention on the success of the ambitious approach.

As the greater Caribbean synchrotron is one of the bigger projects that is attempted by just a few nations around the globe, hence, it needs huge funds and support from the international communities. For that, a team of researchers is also working on the proposal with the plan to submit it to UNESCO.

The researcher said, “The process of the construction of the greater Caribbean synchrotron as a light source will not be easy. But, making it real could represent a major step towards equity in access to technology, science, and regional development. Making this vision a reality will require strong support from the international organisations, scientific community, and policymakers who are focused on developing science and technology.”