Symptomatic COVID-19 cases soaring in Dominica

Symptomatic COVID-19 cases soaring in Dominica
Symptomatic COVID-19 cases soaring in Dominica

Dominica recorded 45 new COVID-19 infected cases on November 25 2021. While giving COVID-19 update of Dominica, National Epidemiologist of Dominica Dr Shalauddin Ahmed said that the positivity rate is soaring, and 47% of the new cases were reported symptomatic.

While giving the updation, he added that cases of symptomatic cases had increased in Dominica until the present.

National Epidemiologist Dr Ahmed said when the COVID-19 outbreak hit the island, the asymptomatic cases and mild cases were more as compared to the symptomatic cases at that time. But now, the country is reporting a surge in symptomatic cases.

He added that out of the new cases reported in the last 24 hrs, 42 were recorded from the Antigen method of COVID-19 testing, the rest 3 resulted positive after RT-PCR testing. The active caseloads in Dominica moved to 394 after 45 new infected cases.

235 cases are under medical attention at the Covid Car Complex, 158 have been isolated at their residents. Females are in the majority in the newly reported cases.

While highlighting the vaccination status in Dominica, Dr Ahmed noted that nearly 50 per cent of the marked population is vaccinated, and 54 per cent of the targeted population is partially vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

He added that from March 2020, a total of 5434 people had been recovered from the deadly COVID-19 virus, and the COVID-19 death toll reached to 37 due to COVID-19 out of this, 17 were males, and 20 were females.

The youngest death due to the COVID-19 virus was 40 years old, and the oldest case was 107-year-old.

According to the statements, 95 per cent of the total dead cases were reported unvaccinated.

Dr Ahmed concluded that the recent reported cases age range from 18 years to 65 year, but few patients are of 12 years or minor.