SVG: Starting of new school term proposed in cabinet with virtual learning method

St Vincent: PM Gonsalves cancels Independence day military parade
St Vincent: PM Gonsalves cancels Independence day military parade

In St Vincent and Grenadines new proposal have been taken before Cabinet regarding the starting of the new school term through virtual means. This new school session will remain in effect for the next two weeks.

The COVID-19 pandemic breakout had severely affected St Vincent and Grenadines. According to the proposal, the new school term is supposed to get started from 4th October through online means.

After the meeting between stakeholders and the Ministry of Education, the proposal was kept during the face to face programme of PM Ralph Gonsalves. The proposal was about the re-opening of schools for 2020/2021

PM Ralph said that while looking at the recommendations, it was unlikely that SVG would start face to face engagements for all schools, considering the big uptick between the surge of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

PM Gonsalves added that as per the recommendation by the Ministry of Education, the schools should start from Monday 4th October via remote, online and virtual learnings for the coming 2 weeks.

After two weeks, it is the intention to have blended or hybrid learning and teaching. The prime minister noted that several proposals would have to be agreed upon in relation to blended learning and teaching as it will depend on the actual situation in each particular school, for example, the physical space and population of the school.

PM Gonsalves stated that the vaccination rate of the teachers and the teaching staff are not vaccinated to the appropriate levels. PM urged the teachers to get vaccinated. PM said that it would not be acceptable for having a low rate of vaccination among the teachers.

Since the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano, students had not been in school for face-to-face classes. At that time, many schools were either occupied by volcano evacuees or in need of repair due to the volcano’s effects.