SVG Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves concerned about boats arriving from St Lucia

St Vincent: PM Gonsalves cancels Independence day military parade
St Vincent: PM Gonsalves cancels Independence day military parade

Dr Ralph Gonsalves- Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines expressed his concerns on the marine traffic with the neighbouring island of St Lucia.

As St Lucia is experiencing an increase of coronavirus cases and two deaths, the SVG Prime Minister has asked the Coast Guard, Commander Cain to be careful with the boats that travel between SVG and St Lucia.

Dr Gonsalves stated during state-owned NBC radio, ” The coast guards are watching the northeast and the northwest and also the south.”

The Prime Minister stated with reference to recent robbery incidents with fishermen that the coast guards are not just keeping an eye on boats that travel between two islands, but also watching any bandits arriving from South America, Venezuela, Colombia or anywhere else.

On November 12, some Saint Vincent and Grenadines fishermen were robbed on gunpoint by perpetrators who threatened to take them to Venezuela and demand a ransom.

Besides this, the Prime Minister assured that the government is taking all it takes to protect the borders of the country, and it is working with the Regional Security System. He noted that the overflights by the C26 aircraft give further information.