Suspect shot dead in a confrontation with Police in Carapichaima

A suspect named Kern Fraser shot and killed in shootout by police on Friday, 28 December, at Waterloo Road in Carapichaima.

Suspect shot by Police in Carapichaima. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago
Suspect shot by Police in Carapichaima. Image Credit: Facebook, CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago: A suspect was shot and killed in a reported shootout against police around 4:10 am in the morning on Friday, 28 December, at Waterloo Road in Carapichaima, a town in central Trinidad. The suspect is identified with the name of Kern Fraser, who lived in Waterloo village of Carapichaima.

As per the statement given by the Police officers about the incident, following the investigation of a previous case of shooting in the area a few days back on 23 December, police visited the house on Waterloo Road.

The investigation was carried out by the Central Division Task Force Area North and the Freeport CID.

The officers, after visiting the place, introduced themselves while revealing their intentions of investigation and went inside the home.

Inside the house, police officers found the suspect, who was lying on the bed.

As Fraser noticed the police entering the house, he immediately shot fire against them. The police officers somehow saved themselves and the shot was missed.

After this unexpected sudden attack, police officers got alert and fired multiple shots at the suspect in retaliation, hitting him several times. The suspect lost his life on the spot straight after the retaliation.

The police officers took charge ahead after the confrontation, they continued the search by taking control of the scene.

While searching the house, officers found a woman after removing the cover of the bed on which Fraser was lying. The woman was also shot by the suspect and suffered from a gunshot.

The police officer instantly transferred Fraser and the woman to the Chaguanas Health Facility for medical observation. They both were officially declared dead by the medical staff at Chaguanas Health Facility.

The Police department continued the investigation of the place, where they found and seized a pistol used by the suspect and other evidence.

The Police Service mentioned the fact that all killings that involve the police are investigated by a First Division Officer, an officer who is at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police or higher.

The investigation is going on over the case where the police department is trying to trace the evidence, which can lead them in the right direction.

The relation between the incident and the police encounter is clearly attached to the prior shooting in the region in which police were already working.

The incident highlights that the police were in the right direction already with their investigation, and the clues collected by this incident will eventually lead to the main culprits.

The intention of the police in the case is to find the connection of the incident with other involved suspects whom they can find and arrest.

The opinions of the people of the area in this incident are very mixed, and many are happy with the work of the police and appreciate their bravery.

People are saying, “It is good to see our officers are working so hard to defeat criminals. They put their life at risk to protect people, and we salute them.”

On the other hand, some people are also worried about the safety and security of their families during these crimes.