Suspect returns for second attack on Trinidad Vendor’s Stall, days after first shooting

Another attack on 60-year-old vendor in Trinidad after getting shot a few days ago on Sunday, December 10, while conducting the sale.

Three men injured in a shooting attack in Kingston. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad & Tobago News
Three men injured in a shooting attack in Kingston. Image Credit: Facebook, Trinidad & Tobago News

Trinidad and Tobago:  A 60-year-old vendor, who was shot on Sunday, December 10, while at his stall, faced another attack when the suspect returned on the morning of December 14 to fire at his stall in Trinidad.

His stall is located at Orange Field Road in Freeport, a town in the west-central part of Trinidad.

The first time the victim got attacked was around 7:00 pm while a sale was on at his stall. As per the reports, the tensions between the vendor and the suspect were hyped when the man allegedly took his gun out against the vendor and fired at him.

For a moment, to save himself, the vendor ran into the yard of the neighbourhood. Straight after the act suspect also fled the scene.

Immediately the local authorities of the area were notified about the incident, and in response to that, officers from the central division took instant action and went to the scene of the crime.

Even after all of the effort put in by the authorities in case the suspect still managed to hide from the police and remains at large.

11 spent shells were found at the location after the investigation of the crime place, which is enough to tell about the seriousness of the incident and the potential threat.

The situation became worse when the suspect visited again and targeted the vendor’s stall this time.

The suspect fired on the stall to cause a lot of damage to the vendor. He did it two times after the actual attack, one in the evening of Wednesday,13 December and another in the early morning on Thursday,14 December.

These back-to-back attacks by the same man raised panic among the people of the area about the safety and security of individuals in the area. Locals are raising questions about the effectiveness of law enforcement in the area to ensure the safety of the community.

The public is not happy with the approach of the authorities, “The authorities are not doing their duty. It is hard to understand that they are not able to arrest him or don’t want to arrest him.”, they said.

Law enforcement agencies asked for cooperation from the communities to take a responsible part in the welfare of society and provide officers with all required information related to the incident which can lead to the suspect.

The violent incident highlights the challenges of taking required measures for security and safety by both law enforcement and the community to eliminate acts of violence around the area.