Study reveals crypto investors showing keen interest dual citizenship of Caribbean

Cryptocurrency gained world attraction in the last few years, witnessing an evolution in its popularity. The high volatility of the industry is pushing crypto investors to run their businesses in a “safer and secure” environment, following which they are prioritizing obtaining second citizenship in Caribbean countries.

A recent study has revealed that crypto investors are now peeking for a place where they can live a healthy and “high standard of life”. In short, they are looking for a nation which is more stable “economically as well as politically” as it will open a bunch of opportunities for them to work in a serene and peaceful environment while being safe.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Solana, and Tether are among the most popular cryptocurrencies at the present time in the world that are witnessing elevated leaps in their value, which emerges curiosity in people about their future.

ABL Holdings‘ Mohamed Abdeen speaking and verifying the findings of the report stated that the people investing in crypto are now seeking other favourable methods of investing, adding that they are also showing great nosiness in citizenship by investment programmes.

Abdeen further added, “If we talk about Caribbean countries, Dominica has a safe environment; it is economically and politically stable. There are no or very low cases of crime reported, especially towards foreign investors. All of these factors combined make it a very desirable location to be part of. The internet connectivity in Dominica is also one of the fastest in the region, making it even more suitable for crypto-miners and investors”.

Following the aforementioned statement, Abdeen of ABL Holdings further emphasized the rising demand for CBI Programmes among crypto investors.

“People who invest in cryptocurrencies are admiringly ambitious, they are always pursuing new, different types of investment options, & citizenship by investment is the most secure type of investment. It is also longstanding, as an individual can also transfer it to their future generations”.

Besides this, he added that Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme had been rated as the world’s number 1 for five consecutive years in the CBI Index, released by PWM Magazine of Financial Times.

Not only this, but to ensure national and international safety, the CBI Unit of Dominica ensures that the applicants undergo a vetted due-diligence process, during which their criminal record is assessed. These extensive processes are being conducted by the government as well as third party agencies