Story from Love to Hate

I got to know that I am being cheated by both of my close persons. My best friend and boy friend were dating each other.

A happy life is all about having amazing people in life. It is something like having people with whom it is so comfortable to share anything with them without even having a second thought.

Same was with me, I used to consider myself God’s favorite child. I was surrounded with two sweet souls; my best friend and a boyfriend.

My love for both of them was so unconditional that I could do anything for them without thinking about the merits and disasters that could affect my life.

Life was going so smoothly in a much wonderful way. 

And, suddenly a blunder happened to me when I got to know that I am being cheated by both of my close persons.

That situation to me was like a bolt from the blue as I had no clue of all this.

They both were dating each other and I was being fooled. This thought was killing my peace within.

The scene was in existence for about 8 months and I was literally having no idea of all this.

It is not that God did not give me the signals of all this. However, my blind faith in them is the biggest mistake that this happened to me.

Oftentimes, I caught them together but they molded the situation in such a way that I used to get manipulated so easily.

This time, I caught them having a kiss that no words could manipulate me and that is affecting me to the peak.

The situation is more like a depression to me as the failed expectations from both of them has made me realize how stupid I was.

This scene completely changed my life as my soft side, that is the love and kindness for everyone changed. Simply, my emotional health got affected to the peak.

I used to judge everyone at their even smallest action. It was like the quality of trusting others in me has gone somewhere far.

Ultimately, the love in my eyes was completely turned to hatred.