St Kitts welcomes Silver Nova cruise ship at Port Zante

St Kitts welcomed the cruise ship Silver Nova on Thursday, 30th December 2023 at Port Zante

Cruise Silver Nova arrives at St Kitts
Cruise Silver Nova arrives at St Kitts

St Kitts and Nevis: St Kitts welcomed the cruise ship Silver Nova on Thursday at Port Zante. This arrival of Silver Nova opened the unmarked boundaries of urbane cruising. It will also lead to the destination mission of attracting more luxury cruise lines to increase on-island spending.

Silver Nova is itself different from other cruise ships in many ways. It is filled with great amenities and innovative technology, delivering the ultimate luxury cruising experience. It even offers fine dining, hospitality, comfort and style to the guests.  Everything designed and made in this ship is by maintaining the dignity of the guests in mind.

Tommy Thompson, CEO of the St Kitts Tourism Authority, applauded the ship’s arrival, stating that the arrival of the Silver Nova is in the continuation of the Island’s efforts to make the luxury travel experience to the St Kitts more efficient and worthy.

This ship is characterized by the enormous design great amenities premium services that would undoubtedly enhance the appeal of our destination influencing clients around the globe.

The arrival of the Silver Nova marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to boost the luxury travel experience in St Kitts this cruise is empowered by its impeccable design, amenities and premium services which add and attract more affluent clients from around the globe.

From an economic viewpoint arrival of Silver Nova holds great promise for St Kitts from both luxury and economic standpoints. With this ship of this standard comes the creation of numerous job opportunities, from port hands to local tours and excursions to various service providers for passengers from boosting the hospitality economy to the tourism industry it will make sure to generate significant revenue streams for local business and the greater enriched economy of the country.

St Kitts Abroad Silver Nova offers enriching experiences that combine the extreme of luxury and nature in one package. In addition to the great experience in the high sea it also has a commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, Silver Nova leaves a positive impact on the natural environments and communities.

Silver Nova’s voyage to St Kitts sets the island’s unyielding commitment to quality and excellence of the passengers and the customers and its responsibility of the Island to keep the quality standard high to meet the excellence of the St Kitts Abroad Silver Nova.

Besides this cruise vessel Azamara Onward has been cancelled which was scheduled to arrive at St Kitts on Friday 1st December due to uninformed reasons Viking Sea ship has been confirmed to arrive  St Kitts at Port Zante from 8 am to 5 pm  for 1st December Friday and Seabourn Ovation have been scheduled to arrive at Carambola Beach Club from 8 am to 5 pm for 1st December Friday.