St Kitts and Nevis takes steps to revolutionize Caribbean Cannabis Economy

PM Drew explains his plans for the cannabis industry in St Kitts and Nevis at the inaugural Caribbean Medico Legal Cannabis Conference.

St Kitts and Nevis takes steps to revolutionize Caribbean Cannabis Economy
St Kitts and Nevis takes steps to revolutionize Caribbean Cannabis Economy

St Kitts and Nevis: St Kitts and Nevis hosted the inaugural two-day Caribbean Medico-Legal Cannabis Conference (CANNA-BLISS) on Friday, ushering in a new phase for the national and regional cannabis economy. Prime Minister Terrence Drew stated that St Kitts and Nevis is on the verge of a transformation.

In his opinion, the introduction of a flourishing medical cannabis market in the nation will not only bring significant economic progress but also help evolve the pharmaceutical industry and influence medical practices for the better in the near future.

Prime Minister Drew, who is a medical practitioner himself, had this to say during the conference, “As we convene to discuss the role of cannabis in our nation’s future, I want to take this opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of our journey, a journey that not only encompasses the medical field but also resonates with the very fabric of our society and economy.”

According to Prime Minister Terrance Drew, the support for the conventional and often restrictive approach taken to cannabis has faded significantly as people begin to develop more well-rounded opinions due to widespread information and a more comprehensive understanding of the material and its benefits.

Thus, the nation is taking a more informed and nuanced approach to cannabis and its medical uses, moving away from what are seen as regressive ideologies. This has been reinforced by a recent court judgement which has pushed the government towards checking the applicability of the nation’s cannabis policy and improving upon it, keeping in mind the key tenants of justice, responsibility and open-mindedness.

Prime Minister Drew is resolutely behind the idea that the government’s vision factors in much more than just the immediate and obvious benefits of medical cannabis. In his mind, it is rooted in a more holistic and overarching view of not just regional requirements and expectations but international markets as well.

“The stigma placed on cannabis over the years, for far too long, disproportionately impacted specific demographics and communities, leading to the unjust incarceration of our most promising youth. It is a stain on our collective conscience, a reality that demands our attention and corrective action.”

He added that, “It is intertwined with the very essence of our nation’s transformation into a sustainable island state. Today, I emphasize the vital linkage of cannabis production to not just economic diversification but also to the crucial aspect of food security.”

According to the administration of St Kitts and Nevis, the global demand for cannabis and hemp products is rooted in a rising awareness of their benefits and uses which has helped reduce the stigma and counter the propaganda attached to the plant.

Beyond its medical applicability, it is also seen as an important driver for economic growth and stability for the Twin Island Federation and the entire Caribbean region on the whole.

Another important factor is that these developments are in keeping with the nation’s goal of becoming a sustainable state, which is not extensively dependent on one particular sector of the economy.

PM Drew also stated the following, “Our Medicinal Cannabis Authority, guided by the principles of empathy, efficiency, and equity, aims not just for profitability but for the holistic betterment of human health and the environment.”

The core values of the Medical Cannabis Authority of St Kitts and Nevis are based in the nation’s commitment to compassion, diversity, empowerment, natural healthcare, alternative solutions and research.

Thus, adopting a new approach that promotes a healthy shift towards better healthcare, while enhancing the nation’s diversity and its flora, which are seen as positive steps on the path to greater achievements.

“Our roadmap, transitioning from a “Start-up” phase to the “Scale-up” stage, emphasizes the importance of biopharmaceutical advancements of naturally derived and evidence-based cannabinoid products. This is not merely about entering the lucrative wellness industry but about driving advancements that contribute to the well-being of our local and international consumers.”

Prime Minister Drew has also highlighted the very real possibility that these new provisions will allow citizens and tourists to experience the full benefits of cannabinoid medicines and products, cannabis infused spa treatments and cannabis infused cuisine.

“We are not just talking about economic growth but about creating experiential access points that cater to diverse needs and preferences,” he said, noting that the country’s collaboration with the US-based Southern University “represents a significant stride in our commitment to research, innovation, and knowledge-sharing.”

The two-day event hosted by the Medical Cannabis Authority, acted as a window for delegates into the exceptional research and developmental work that the nation has put into this field. Beyond that, it also allowed them to understand what the future of the medical cannabis industry in St Kitts and Nevis could look like.

The event was aptly dubbed “The Cannabis Festival” and acted as a great platform for people to clarify their doubts with regards to these developments, thus alleviating themselves of their doubts and fears.

They also gained a comprehensive understanding of the regulations which will be placed on the market, as well as how the products will be cultivated, processed, marketed and distributed with in the nation of St Kitts and Nevis and beyond.