St Kitts and Nevis spends over $18m to stem spread of COVID-19

St Kitts and Nevis spends over $18m to stem spread of COVID-19
St Kitts and Nevis spends over $18m to stem spread of COVID-19

The Government of St Kitts and Nevis till now made high-cost expenditure over the process to control the widely spread of COVID-19 pandemic on the island. This expenditure was also made to secure the health system of the Federation so that it might not get affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. PM Timothy Harris gave these statements.

During the press briefing at NEMA Conference Room on Tuesday, September 28 PM, Harris said, “The Federal government has spent $18.4 million since March 2020 to procure equipment, additional manpower, including the cost of Cuban and Filipino medical brigades, other physicians and specialist support, pharmaceuticals, particularly vaccines.”

While talking about funds expenditure, PM Harris said that the funds were used in renting the quarantine facilities, procurement of vehicles, to provide testing support and retrofit wards and health centres.

Prime Minister Harris, who is also Minister of Health, said that the government had to spend millions of dollars on early child care facilities for which the schools were fit for this purpose.

Dr Harris added, “We have spent $1.3 million to enhance our national security system, recruiting quarantine officers etc., for the islands of Nevis and St. Kitts. Additionally, the Federal Government spent $2.7million to retrofit and upgrade the R.L.B International Airport to protect all employees, visitors and indeed all who use the facility.”

Prime Minister Harris further added that an additional amount of $5million is planned to be spent till the end of this year that would be taking the total amount of COVID-19 related expenditure to above $23 million by the health ministry. PM Harris urged the citizens to get registered themselves for the vaccination as this is the only way to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Prime Minister Harris concluded, “The right choice is for all to get vaccinated but more so for parents, adults, teachers, and all who work in our schools, health facilities, and our security forces to get vaccinated without further delay. It is the responsible thing to do.”