St Kitts and Nevis PM Dr Terrance Drew addresses 77th UNGA, outlines climate change issues

He also highlighted various decisions of his government related to the reformation of education and many more. 

St Kitts and Nevis PM Dr Terrance Drew addresses 77th UNGA, outlines climate change issues
St Kitts and Nevis PM Dr Terrance Drew addresses 77th UNGA, outlines climate change issues

St Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew delivered an inaugural address at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and outlined several issues related to climate change and various other global issues. 

He also highlighted various decisions of his government related to the reformation of education and many more. 

In the 77th session of UNGA, Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew will be accompanied by Dr Denzil Douglas, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Konris Maynard, Minister of Public Infrastructure, ICT; Dr Joyelle Clarke, Minister of Sustainable Development; Nerys Dockery, UN Ambassador-designate; Naeemah Hazelle,Gurdip Dev Bath- Special representative and advisor to Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister; Samuel Berridge, Senior Assistant Secretary, Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit, Office of Prime Minister, and Dillon Edmeade, Aide to the Prime Minister. Apart from this, Cabinet Ministers Samal and Duggins, and Marsha Henderson are also in New York.

Gurdip Dev Bath, Special representative and advisor accompanied Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew at 77th UNGA

Stressing upon the significance of reformation in the education sector, PM Terrance Drew stated that one such area is education which is one of society’s greatest equalizer think it’s a Nevis they affirms that access to quality education is a human right and the foundation of sustainable development of thriving societies. 

“We welcome the transforming educational Summit that was held earlier this week and I’m happy to report that our government has committed to entering A New Path, a new deal on education as it were that will reform, transform and reinvigorate our education system based on equal access and inclusion, “said the prime minister. 

In fact, just a few weeks ago, PM Drew-led administration made a decision to introduce free tertiary education to ensure that all people can have equal access regardless of their socio-economic status. 

He added that of the goals for Education reforms include but are not limited to: 

  • one incorporating steam specialist spaces in all schools.  
  • two reintroducing the eye literacy one-to-one laptop program 
  • three strengthening Technical and vocational education by providing alternative programming and scholarships

While highlighting the impacts of climate change on small island nations, PM Drew asserted that for small island developing States and indeed vulnerable peoples everywhere, there could be no International Security without climate security; this requires Collective Fidelity to multilateral action for our very survival. 

“I am ready and I’m sure that all of us are eager to build a better world through multilateral action and uphold with all our will and might this sacred tenet of the United Nation. every even as geopolitics and great power competition is exacerbating conflict and the climate catastrophe, “said the prime minister. 

He added that everyone must face the higher truth that only through multi-lateralism will. The world face the global trajectory will, the world force the global trajectory toward Global peace, prosperity and sustainability. 

PM Drew asserted that every country on the planet National population have had to confront the reality of climate change. As the planet heats up so too have the frustrations and impatience of the global ordinary citizens who feel they are losing the fight to make ends meet and secure the future of their children. 

He stressed that the small island developing States and other developing nations experience a reality plagued by this continuous existential threat with the passage of every hurricane every outbreak of war and every Global Food shortage as they all remain at risk of tipping the balance that we have striven to create over these many many years. 

While referring the problems related to the climate change, he cited that thus it is not enough for us to articulate this Grim reality year after year. The world must now look to act in ways that provide tailored responses to these vulnerabilities as to Foster true resilience and risk mitigation. 

He asserted, “I humbly urge countries to honor the financial commitments made before the cup 26 to double contribution to adaptation financing by 2025.” 

Outlining the delay in the response against climate-change, he underlined that delayed response to these commitments to these commitments would further imperil our developing nations. Climate financing resiliency and Environmental Conservation must be integrated into National development policies and must be at the Forefront of the Global development agenda. 

“The situation cries out for the multilateral system to urgently put in place a multi-dimensional vulnerability index which takes into consideration the Peculiar characteristics and climate vulnerabilities of small island developing states such as mines, “said the prime minister. 

He added that all countries are environmentally vulnerable, all are socially and economically exposed to the exogenous shock but in the climate challenge to a reason dependent countries in the Caribbean Sea during several consecutive months of every year run the real risk of a Wipeout event surely this warrants special consideration. 

Shedding light on the issues facing Caribbean nations, he stated that on the Caribbean nations are on the bullet end of a climate fight that we did not cause do not want and cannot afford but we are unable to escape. I therefore joined my brothers and sister leaders in CARICOM in calling for the development of a mind multi-dimensional vulnerability index (MVI), therefore Saint Kitts and Nevis will use this index in its advocacy for a more appropriate redistribution of development assistance and access to concessional financing.

“The recent past has proven that we cannot ignore the glaring truth of our interconnectedness as nations in the International Community. the world continues to shrink in size join us all nearer to each other forcing the need for Global solidarity International cooperation and strong and meaningful Partnerships,” said the prime minister. 

He asserted that the world is stronger therefore in the company of our friends particularly those who share the Democratic principles and values in this body of Nations.